is a medical insurance claims specialist career right for you?

medical insurance claims specialist career

perhaps the medical insurance claims specialist career has caught your attention. you like the idea of working in a medical office, and the terrific employment outlook for medical insurance claims specialists. but how can you really know if a medical insurance claims specialist career will work out for you long term?

  • you like orderliness. medical insurance claims specialists work with electronic medical records and enter claims to insurance companies. a big part of this work involves making sorting out visits and procedures so that the patients’ insurance companies receive correct billing for the services and goods provided. if you love organizing and making sense out of chaos, this could be a very satisfying career for you.
  • you like numbers. medical insurance claims depend upon medical coding and costs. if you have a “good head for numbers” and excel in math, you could be a good candidate for a medical insurance claims specialist position.
  • you perform accurate data entry. this is an essential task for medical insurance claims specialists. do you have fingers that can fly across the keyboard?
  • you are good with people. no one likes to call a crabby customer service rep. medical insurance claims specialists provide patients with customer service whenever they have questions about their bill or an issue arises.
  • you have great phone skills. if you can convey warmth, caring and sincerity through the phone, you could be a good medical insurance claims specialist. you should also understand how multi-line phone systems work.
  • you like helping people. when patients call about their medical bills, they’re likely upset. that’s where medical insurance claims specialists can offer a listening ear–and explain how they’re working on the solution. but medical insurance claims specialists also work with insurance company personnel and health care providers, from nurses to physician extenders to physicians. can your people skills adjust to whomever needs your help?
  • you problem solve readily. at times, working as a medical insurance claims specialist may feel like detective work. you must piece together information to ensure that patients receive the proper coverage, physicians receive the right reimbursement and insurance company requirements are met.
  • you like to learn. even after you become a medical insurance claims specialist, you will need to engage in continuing education to ensure you’re up-to-date on all the changes in medical billing.
  • you like to keep your options open. the insurance and coding exam offered by the national center for competency testing is recognized nationwide. passing the exam can open doors for you at medical facilities across the country. medical billing specialists work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, institutions, long term care facilities, ambulatory surgical centers, doctor’s offices, diagnostic offices and more.

if you lack some of these qualifications, don’t worry. at branford hall, we can equip you to work as a medical billing specialist, as long as you possess a willingness to succeed.